Learn How to Set Up and Run a Twitter Account for your Business

Shannon Evans’ The Definitive Guide to Twitter is the perfect how-to that we’ve needed so badly. Giving a step-by-step approach, the reader is walked through choices to build a Twitter page and administer the prTwitter Guideocess to share and engage.

While perfect for the beginner, like Shannon’s other social media books (see review for ‘Get Found Now‘) experts will find they take notes from a lot of her helpful lists of resources. Personally, I tagged over a dozen pages I’ll be returning to…like tips for press releases on page 203.

You’ll enjoy her light, non-textbook writing style with tons of graphic examples and case studies by users (confession here, yes, one of my tips was included on page 122.

Disclosure: I received a free copy without requirement to review. (Cmp.ly affiliate)

To get your copy, click on this link: http://j.mp/DTG100.

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