Quick Start

When I first started Dawnpilot.com, twenty years ago, it supported a marketing consultancy. Telecommuting at home or on the road made the work enjoyable. I could meet with clients where I was traveling as well as family and friends.

A year into the Pandemic, with more people telecommuting than ever before, this seems like a great time to share a life of remote work and the interesting, accompanying lifestyle of travel and food around the U.S.

Share the journey with me and I’ll post my tips, photos, recipes and gear.

Image of laptop on picnic table with woman, water bottle and books
Image courtesy of Unsplash, a great source of free photos for bloggers.

If you’d like to learn more about my book, course and gather marketing freebies, head over to Dmcenter.com. I’ve put several marketing and networking products together in an Etsy shop as well.