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Sometimes RVers just want to overnight somewhere while in transit without finding and setting up in a campground. Self-contained, there are lots of places that allow overnight parking. Many hope to get your business while you are there.

🗺️ Use iOverlander to find places to stay for free as well as a myriad of other worthwhile services (dump stations, propane sellers, etc.). This is also a great resource for global travel as well.

More free places to stay for RVers to “dry camp” include Walmarts and Cracker Barrels as well as the list below. Check in with location managers and Walmart store Customer Service to make sure it’s OK. Locations that are not 24-hour may not permit it. They may have certain areas for overnighters to park.

🏕️ Camping World

🏕️ Cabela’s

🎰 Casinos

🍷 Harvest Hosts: while camping overnight at member wineries, breweries, and farms may be free, it requires the annual membership to Harvest Hosts ($99/year at this writing). Download the app to find locations and make reservations. Individual locations may allow stays longer than one night.

Harvest Hosts is a terrific way to find unusual, pretty destinations with great food and drink that you might not otherwise have discovered. It’s what makes the RV life special.🏕

🏛️ Find museums anywhere in the U.S. from this compilation pulled into Google Maps. Search by state.

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