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Welcome to my collection of books, tools, tips and recipes from my professional and personal life. It’s time to share the lifestyle behind content creation. As a road warrior, I’ve given tons of webinars and joined Zoom calls while traveling, including in an RV sitting in a Costco. The Pandemic has just blown the curtain off what was already going on with telecommuting and remote work.

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Rockin’ ROI Book

I wrote, edited and published Rockin’ ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing while traveling. It’s meant for the start-up or entrepreneur who wants to make sure that their marketing pays for itself. I show you how to ramp up your efforts as your revenues go up. Complete with 7 templates for business and marketing planning and productivity. But you can find those for free and view my video demonstrations here:

I’ve created programs and products to help businesses hit their goals faster through networking. Look for Dream Networking, a video with workbook and contact spreadsheet and my Meet Someone New Every Day Planner in my Etsy store.

Rockin’ ROI is in the Etsy store too ~ in PDF form. The templates are included. To me, it’s worth the templates by themselves. I devised them to use with my clients and for myself.

Struggling to come up with enough content ideas? Check out my Content Creation Planner on Etsy. Based on Matthew Dicks’ book Storyworthy (affiliate link) notion to take five minutes at the end of each day to muse about the story of the day. Over a year, you’ll have at least 365 fresh ideas. With a little practice, in my personal experience, ideas that will surprise you will percolate up.

Frustrated to get the desired attention you want from potential clients or partners? You might benefit from my “How to Get Your Target’s Attention” Checklist with 10 tips that I detail and I’ll bet there is at least one that’s new to you.

If I’ve piqued your interest about putting digital products for sale on Etsy and you’d like to open your own store, let me teach you the short cuts in my Etsy Shop Creation beginner’s guide.

I took the name Fair Winds which is my wish for you ~ that my marketing materials and lifestyle products make your life easier and more pleasant ~ like a warm breeze at your back.

Check out my Fair Winds Collection on Etsy of digital marketing and lifestyle products

I’ve curated favorite marketing and business books into my Amazon lists.

(Disclosure: Should you buy something going through these links, I may get a small commission.)

I teach a course for SMEs who don’t currently have an affiliate program or want to breathe new life into their current one. Affiliate partner programs perhaps generate the greatest ROI; on average about 12:1. It’s a no-brainer when you dictate the price you are willing to pay per order and the bonus is you pay after the fact.

You can find it on demand. The next live, updated presentation will be in March 2022. You can take it as a one-off or as part of a Digital Marketing Certificate program given by Originally taught at UCLA, Santa Cruz and Berkeley, today students are international.

It’s no secret my favorite tool for content creation planning, scheduling and tracking is the Content Creators Planner. At first I loved the print version. I still keep it on my desk. But then they came out with the Trello version which took it to a whole new level for me. If you are looking for a way to organize yourself or a whole team when it comes to content creation wrangling, this is for you.

Grab your Content Creators Planner: Print and/or Digital and Take the Pain Out of Creation Management

I liked it so well that I did a video (below). Watch to see what I love about it.

Learn why I love the Content Creators Planner for Trello

But wait, there’s more! I share a ton of freebies on my site to help you with marketing: tools, courses, list of experts that I follow. You are sure to find something wonderful you didn’t know about before.