After 35 years in advertising, I’ve seen a lot of changes. Good changes. I welcome change. It shakes things up and usually improves choices and oftentimes lowers the cost to acquire a lead or sale.

I have what I call an in-house mentality. I think for my clients as if I worked for them. Because I do. My agenda is their agenda. Usually that’s results oriented. That’s why direct response advertising appeals to me.  I can see results and quickly. That’s why Internet advertising appeals to me. Again: quick results. I get answers and can adjust my strategy quicker and quicker all the time.

Social media holds the greatest appeal of all: so much promise for next-to-nothing cost. These are indeed exciting times.

What’s up with the balloons and the name? A dawnpilot is a hot air balloon that forecasts race conditions. Marketers always have to be plotting the course ahead while making keen assessments of available assets and conditions ranging from markets to competition. Those evaluations provide a base to build a campaign strategy.

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