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RVing makes telecommuting a lifestyle, combining work and play.

As a road warrior, travel has always been a built-in requirement of my work. I’ve been lucky to couple travel with side trips to see family and friends as well as opportunities to see new places.

I’m sharing many of those wonderful travel experiences here and hope you find some inspiration for your future plans.

I’m also thrilled to share great resources that I use and hope you enjoy too.

Ioverlander, for instance, provides a ton of resources for travelers anywhere in the world, including Wild Camping, that are free to the RV traveler. Find hotels, restaurants, attractions and shopping or gas stations, mechanics and campgrounds. We found a lot of boat ramps that might provide a lovely view.

I’m sharing a list of U.S. museums, broken down by state. I’ll go to museums for art, transportation, science or history anywhere. Docents are some of my favorite people in the world. They are smart and passionate, interesting people.

Traveling by RV is a great way to see the U.S. I’ve done it in a 4×4 pickup with a “slide-in” camper, meaning more off-road driving, while a fifth-wheel affords more comfort.

Often, RV travelers need a place to stay overnight while they are traveling to the next destination. Self-contained rigs may prefer to save camping fees and look for a stop that’s free. Rest areas can be crowded and noisy with truck engines running or bright lights. So it’s nice to know that Cabelas, Camping World, Cracker Barrel and many Walmarts permit overnight stays. It’s important to check in with managers; sometimes they’ll designate a certain part of their lots.

Harvest Hosts provides a list of 2000+ farms, wineries, distilleries and more that allow you to stay overnight for free, asking that you might buy something from their shops. There is an annual fee to join, up to $100. If you are interested, I can get you a 15% discount. I’m a new member and excited to check out some neat places I wouldn’t normally get to see.

  • Visiting the Olympic National Park
    Planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest? Set aside time to get out to the spectacular Olympic National Park. Out on the Olympic Peninsula, it’s a remote getaway, home to the nation’s only rainforests and snow-capped mountains nearly 8000’ high.
  • Visit Mission San Miguel Arcangel
    Stop at beautiful, historic Mission San Miguel Arcangel north of Paso Robles on your next California road trip.
  • What the Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum” Missed
    A Yuma Prison museum docent wondered why the Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum” production would be interested in featuring a woman prisoner responsible for a single stagecoach robbery.
  • Why Criminals Should Worry About Climate Change
    Realizing the closeness of the lake to Las Vegas, I wonder if Lake Mead is the East River of the west. Perhaps criminals should worry about climate change.
  • Must-see Courthouse in South Bend, WA
    On Highway 101 traveling between beaches in Oregon and Washington towards Olympia, Tacoma or Seattle, you could easily miss this gem, the courthouse in South Bend, WA. Plan a purposeful stop in tow
  • Candidate for The Loneliest Road in America
    Should you find yourself on Highway 9 in New Mexico, perhaps the loneliest of roads less traveled in the U.S., enjoy the serenity.
  • Planning a Trip to California?
    A California coastal road trip should include many of these 31 hiking, beach, wildlife and educational destinations.
  • RVing? Globetrotting? Glamping?
    Great resources for globetrotters travel needs & RVers to camp overnight for free and to discover experiences at special places in the U.S. and Canada,
  • The Hunting of Yellowstone’s Wolves
    “Why Are We Killing (Yellowstone’s) Wolves?” article powerfully describes the crisis for an endangered species.
  • PNW Victorian Seaport’s Colorful History
    Learn stories of a Pacific Northwest shaped by local tribes, smugglers, devastating fires and a waterfront of saloons and brothels with a more gentile uptown with churches and schools.
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