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Marketing is a strategy to take advantage of opportunities and make the smartest moves.

For most of my forty years in advertising, I focused on campaigns where you could demonstrate a return on investment. In the early days, we used coupons, graduating to toll-free numbers and today’s 24/7 reporting of digital marketing. What a ride!

Today, I share tips and trends on my marketing site, I curate terrific guidance from experts I follow to share with people like you, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.

I also teach a course on Affiliate Marketing, meant for SMEs (small, medium and enterprise firms) for, part of a Digital Marketing certificate or purchased a la carte.

My book “Rockin’ ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing” is available wherever you buy paperbacks or ebooks. It’s also in my Etsy store as a PDF with several other digital products I offer to help with networking and marketing.

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