Even road warriors have to eat, whether eating out or cooking in, breaking bread is a great way to celebrate friendships.

Image of plates of food and wine on table

The lifestyle of the Road Warrior runs the spectrum of looking for a great restaurant to cooking in the RV where you don’t want complex dishes that require tons of ingredients or cooking tools. Sometimes you are cooking for company on the road or at home.

RVers often couple an overnight stop with dinner when you come off the road after a long day and/or breakfast before you start again in the morning. You’ll find a list of Cracker Barrel restaurants for just such occasions.

Traveling for extended periods by boat or RV, I’ve kept all my recipes on my computer. Now I’ve discovered a WordPress plugin, WP Recipe Maker, so I’m delighted to share them here. I’ve always felt that recipes are a great way to remember friends and family. I have lots of those.

Some recipes are simple and great for camping. Others are more of a production and best made at home. But they are all good.

We enjoy cooking shows, including Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. So, I was delighted to find someone had mapped the restaurants visited by Guy Fieri. The map is handy for finding a special dive on the next leg of your trip.

Look for the list of U.S. wineries by state when you plan your trips. You might even ask if the winery allows RVs to park overnight. That way you don’t have to worry about driving after a little imbibing.

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