Get Found Now: Search Engine Optimization Secrets Made Easy for Novices and Pros Alike

If you’ve been wondering what you can do to drive traffic to your site, wonder no more. Get Found Now/ Search Engine Optimization Secrets Exposed is the perfect “how-to” book for newbies and experienced webmasters alike. Newbies have needed a step-by-step guide that’s not overwhelming, and this book delivers.

You’ll learn why search engine optimization (SEO) is important to your business. You’ll learn about keywords, rank and optimization in simple-to-understand everyday language.

Don’t miss the powerful advice on page 80 about Google and other Local Business Listings. Failing to take it has caused many businesses to find lawyers to protect their good names!

I picked this up after reading the last venture by Rich Geasey and Shannon Evans: Get Found Now Local Search Secrets Exposed which opened my eyes to what the local business can do to make an impact. Even those of us with some knowledge will benefit significantly from these books. Shannon demonstrated the value of sites I had overlooked. Believe me, I’m checking those out!

Learn what bookmarking is and how it can help your website. Learn how to ask your customers to help you with your site’s ranking. Learn the value of reviews and in general what not to do.

It doesn’t end there. You’ll want to read the next book, The Definitive Twitter Guide.

(Full disclosure: While I bought Get Found Now/Local Search Secrets Exposed, the second volume was a gift.)

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  1. September 21, 2013

    […] perfect for the beginner, like Shannon’s other social media books (see review for ‘Get Found Now‘) experts will find they take notes from a lot of her helpful lists of resources. Personally, […]

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