Must-see Courthouse in South Bend, WA

Gorgeous stained glass, history in photos in a park setting

South Bend, WA, courthouse

On Highway 101 traveling between beaches in Oregon and Washington towards Olympia, Tacoma or Seattle, you could easily miss this gem, the courthouse in South Bend, WA. Plan a purposeful stop in town. You might grab a pizza and beer at Willapa Bay Brewing.

South Bend, WA
View of Willapa Bay in South Bend, WA

It’s a short walk south and look east at Memorial Drive. You can’t miss this view, looking up the hill, of the courthouse.

  • Courthouse in South Bend, WA
  • South Bend, WA, courthouse
  • South Bend, WA, courthouse
  • South Bend, WA, courthouse
History in South Bend, WA

Enjoy history in photos in the lobby. This is a 5-masted ship loading lumber further inland at Raymond, WA.

South Bend Courthouse park

Head to the park adjacent to the courthouse lawn before you go. Enjoy the view of the bay down the hill and the pretty park setting.

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    […] the gateway to Willapa Bay in Washington State, South Bend, one of the most pristine estuaries in the nation. Travel the West Coast to see gorgeous stained […]

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