Best Beach Walks: Dungeness Spit on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

Spot wildlife with backdrop of Canada, San Juan Islands and Olympic Mountains

Out on the Olympic Peninsula, north of the Olympic National Park, enjoy hiking to the New Dungeness Lighthouse in the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge. It’s an easy, leisurely 5-mile walk on a sandy beach spit with views of the Olympic Mountains, the San Juan Islands and Canada.

While this experience is a great adventure for families, to protect the wildlife, our national refuges require that we leave our dogs at home.

Abundant Sea Life

Dungeness Spit
Walk a beach with driftwood and amazing views
Find seagulls, sandpipers and more at the Dungeness Spit

Refuge for harbor seals nursing pups in summer, the Dungeness Spit is a great place to spot killer and minke whales, elephant seals and 240 species of birds. In winter, ducks and geese winter or stop along their migration south.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service details bird and animal species that visit the refuge.

Be a Lighthouse Keeper

Visit the light station and learn its history or read the newsletter, The Foghorn. You can even be a lighthouse keeper for a week. Imagine sunsets, stars, and watching marine traffic. Greet hikers, help with light maintenance and a few chores. (You can still enjoy Internet, cable and cell phone coverage.)

Get the details here.

  • Dungeness Spit beach walk map
Out on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, enjoy an easy beach walk to the New Dungeness Lighthouse, part of the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge with views of the Olympic Mountains, the San Juan Islands and Canada. Share on X
A lovely beach walk just north of Sequim, WA, on the Olympic Peninsula

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