Direct Response TV Production Notes – Testing Commercials for Impact

We’ve all seen them.  Commercials that have lovely music and probably win some lovely award. But did they sell?

I mean the ones where you don’t know what’s being advertised until the very end, if at all. Where there is no voice-over?

My suggestion for advertisers is to watch their commercials with the sound off. Then turn away and listen to them without watching them. Do they persuade you in both modes? Imagine the audience that leaves the room, but is in listening range. What do they hear? Would you buy?  And the group that mutes all commercials or has other distractions… Would the visual alone do the job?

Does your creative stand up to these tests?

Take a lesson from the DRTV space. They make sure to get the call to action out there. They repeat the phone number to call. It might even get annoying, but you know what they are selling and what number to call.

This is why I love a great jingle. Leave them with something memorable. Even singing!

So try the test for yourself. Let me know what you think.