Social Media: Your Audience Is Choosing Their Killer App

I find myself talking about Killer Apps a lot lately when it comes to Social Media. Each one of us will have our favorite: whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or any of the myriads of social networks here now or coming in our future. 

If you haven’t read Tim Sanders’ book “Love is the Killer App,” do it: It’s a great read.

Folks will use what works for them. I talk about telling my mother we wanted her up on email back in ’95. She was horrified because she thought I was going to quit calling her. Now she gets daily IMs, daily emails AND phone calls.

When we showed my mother-in-law a computer in ’95, she wanted to know why we thought she’d use it. Once we showed her how to track the stocks she had been recording meticulously day-by-day, she got it. Then we showed her how to cut and paste in word processing software, and she got it. These were her Killer Apps. Well, I’d like to think that included emailing with us. Today I greet her each morning on IM.

Now when I show a client how to use LinkedIn to get new WARM prospects with ridiculous ease compared to the old ways,  they get it. Or when we see what a Facebook Fan Page can do for search results, and clients get it.

So this is how we find our business prospects today. No more monologues. We find our audience where they go to learn more, share knowledge, take webinars and connect with other professionals. We get their attention by thoughtful answers to questions, and with thought-provoking questions and discussions. Over time, we can be acknowledged as experts and build reputations for what we know and contribute. This makes our ENGAGEMENT in our Social Sphere of Influence meaningful to our prospects and to us.

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