Advertisers Use Social Media to Improve Consumer Retention

It’s a common occurrence visualized in an apt dating scene, a Customer breaks up with an Advertiser because they are not relating or having a dialogue. Get out of your monologue as an Advertiser. Use social networking to continue the conversation and ENGAGE your customer to improve and maintain that relationship.

Companies today have made significant investments in consumer retention management programs (CRM) from call centers to print and direct mail campaigns. Now they are working the sphere of social media and related efforts as part of their online business management to achieve.

It’s a very cost-effective way to stay in touch with consumers who have had an experience with the brand. As a known entity, the relationship is warmed up, ready to be improved upon!

Listener to the Consumer in this video: “’s not exactly a dialogue….You say you love me but you aren’t behaving like you love me…You aren’t even listening are you?”

View The Break Up – Brought to you by Microsoft Advertising

The Break Up – from Microsoft Advertising

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